Saturday, May 1, 2010

Small fixes

* Added Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps Officer & Standard
* Added Horgenhold Artillery Corps
* Mortenebra tiers
* Small fix in number of model in min winterguard riffle corps
* Field mechanics have wrong number of grunts for min unit
* Wrong pointcost for the satyxis blood witches
* EVlads tier 3 was wrong


  1. Mortenebra's third tier seems a little broken. I'm pretty sure you don't need almost a dozen different 'jacks and two solos.

  2. Yeah it is wrong, tier three just needs the army to have no units.

  3. im not sure if maybe the tier isn't reached just because morty herself isn't included in the list of things you need to have (like it is for tier 1)

  4. Hi,

    can you correct the Karchev grid that when I print it isn't correct.

    Thank you