Monday, June 21, 2010

Why is the cryx book taking so long?

The reason for this is simple. I am having a hard time getting my hands on the cryx book.
With the cryx book I am hoping to fix the other small thing you people have been reporting, so I am listening!


  1. Outstanding army construction program - always my go-to tool for building armies (this is me avoiding copyright issues).

    A couple recent things:
    Add Drake MacBane for the Mercenaries.
    Sword Knights aren't included in pNemo's tiers.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. There is still a problem with Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper tier at the third level you still have it at "Mage Hunter Assassins" when it should be "Mage Hunters" for the simple fact you can't have more than 2 Mage Hunter Assassin in a one Caster game, and also on Ravyn, Eternal Light second tire you can include a free "Mage Hunter" that should mean Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios, even if hes needed for tire 3.

    Just wanted to say that this is a great tool :)

  3. for Vyros, I noticed that when you add the second unit of Sentinals for his theme army, he should be able to add a second UA for them. He gets one for free but can have a second.

    I believe that this is not working at this point.

  4. Why is it that the collection manager NEVER saves my changes! I love the collection manager to track my pct painted...and it loses every change I make. PLEASE look into this.

  5. Hey, just found another small bug in menoth! Amon Ad-Raza's tiers don't allow Allegiants to be added, but are required for tier 3.

  6. 'X+' means 'X or more'


    Non-C Jacks, Cankerworm; Bane Thralls, Bile Thralls, Mechanithralls, Necrosurgeon; Bloat Thralls, Machine Wraiths, Necrotechs, Scrap Thralls, Skarlock Thrall

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Mechanithralls get AD

    T2: 3+ Necrotech
    Effects: -1cost Slayer and Corruptor

    T3: Cankerworm
    Effects: Place 1 Large wreck marker for each helljack and 1 Small wreck marker for each bonejack in Gaspy's battlegroup within 20" of your back edge. Cannot be within 3" of another terrain feature.

    T4: 3+ Helljacks
    Effects: Warjacks gain +2spd on your first turn.


    Non-C Jacks, Cankerworm, Deathjack; Banes, Cephalyx, Combine; Necrotechs, Scrap Thralls, Skarlock, Cephalyx Solos, Bane Lord Tartarus

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Cephalyx units gain AD.

    T2: Combine
    Effects: You can redeploy one model/unit after deployment.

    T3: 2+ Slaver units
    Effects: Free Overlords unit ignoring FA

    T4: Deathjack
    Effects: Warjacks get 1 focus on your first turn.


    Non-C Jack(no Nightmare); Bile Thralls, Mechanithralls; Necrotechs, Scrap Thralls, Pistol Wraiths, Warwitch Solos

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: +1 FA Warwitch Solos per Helljack. Sirens get AD.

    T2: 3+ Solos
    Effects: +1 on starting rolls

    T3: 4+ Bonejacks
    Effects: Add one free Bonejack

    T4: 2+ Helljacks
    Effects: 1 Helljack gets AM for each Siren


    Non-C Warjacks, Nightmare; Bane Knights, Units with Incorporeal; Skarlock, Solos with Incorporeal, Warwitch Solos

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Solos with Incorp get +2 on first turn

    T2: 2+ Units
    Effects: 1 free Machine Wraith for each unit after the second, ignoring FA

    T3: Nightmare
    Effects: Denny's battlegroup gains Ghost Walk on your first turn.

    T4: 3+ Warjacks
    Effects: +2" Deployment zone

  7. pGoreshade

    Warjacks with Pathfinder; Bane Thralls, Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters; Solos with Incorp, Tartarus

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Stalkers gain AD

    T2: 2+ Bane Thralls
    Effects: Thralls and Tartarus gain AM

    T3: Nyss Hunters
    Effects: +1 on starting roll

    T4: 3+ Stalkers
    Effects: 1 Free Stalker


    Non-C Warjacks; Banes, Combine; Necrotechs, Scraps, Pistol Wraiths, Skarlock, Bane Solos

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Thralls are FA U

    T2: 2+ Thrall Units
    Effects: Free Thrall UA

    T3: Combine
    Effects: You can redeploy models in his battlegroup

    T4: 3+ bonejacks with arc nodes
    Effects: Friendly models can start with his upkeep spells in play. He does not pay to upkeep these spells on his first turn.


    Non-C Bonejacks, Helljacks with Amphibious; Boarding Parties, Bloodgorgers, Revenant Units, Satyxis units; Necrotechs, Scraps, Skarlocks, Satyxis solos, Rengrave, Gerlak

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Amphibious helljacks gain AD

    T2: 2+ Satyxis
    Effects: Your models gain PF on your first turn

    T3: 2+ Helljacks
    Effects: For each helljack, place one 4" shallow water AoE within 20" of back edge; cannot be within 3" of another terrain feature

    T4: 2+ medium-based units
    Effects: Gerlak and medium based units gain AM


    Non-C Warjacks; Satyxis units; Satyxis Solos

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Satyxis Raider units become FA U. +1FA Raider Captains for each Raider unit

    T2: 2+ Raider Units
    Effects: Free RAider UA, ignoring FA

    T3: Blood Hag UA
    Effects: Satyxis models/units gain Stealth during first round of game

    T4: 2+ Helljacks
    Effects: +2" deployment zone

  8. Terminus

    Non-C Jacks, Deathjack; Blood Gorgers, Soul Hunters, Revenant Units; Necrotechs, Scrap Thralls, Skarlock, Revenant Solos, Darragh Wrathe, Gerlak

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: -1 cost Revenant Crew of the Atramentous

    T2: Rengrave
    Effects: Revenant units and Rengrave gain +2spd on your first turn

    T3: Blackbane Unit
    Effects: Revenant models/units gain Incorp on your first turn

    T4: 2+ helljacks with amphibious
    Effects: Amphib jacks gain AD


    Non-C Warjacks; Boarding Parties, Bloodgorgers, Mechanthralls, Necrosurgeon; Pistol Wraith, Skarlock, Gerlak

    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: -1 cost Seethers

    T2: 2+ units
    Effects: Place one 3" cloud AoE within 20" of back edge. Cannot be placed within 3" of another terrain feature. Models with Eyeless Sight do not ignore these clouds. These effects leave play after the first round.

    T3: Gerlak
    Effects: Gerlak and Bloodgorgers gain AD

    T4: 2+ Seethers
    Effects: Seethers gain AM


    T1: Includes only above models.
    Effects: Soulhunters are FA:2. +1 FA Sirens for each helljack

    T2: Darragh Wrathe
    Effects: Soulhunters begin with 1 soul token

    T3: Combine
    Effects: You can redeploy one model/unit

    T4: 3+ helljacks
    Effects: 1 Helljack gains AD for each Siren

  9. New Bonejack: Ripjaw; FA U, PC 5, Arc Node

    New Unit Attachment: Bane Thrall Officer & Standard; FA 1, PC 3

    New Unit Attachment: Satyxis Blood Hag; FA 1 PC 2

    New Solo: Satyxis Raider Captain; FA 2, PC 2

    That should be everything.