Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fixed all the loading/login problems

Fixed all the loading/login problems I knew of, sorry for the trouble, will look at other stuff later.
Two things I forgot to mention:
- FK should now also work on smartphones (at least on my android ;), can someone try to test on an iPhone?)
- There will be big bugsquating contest in the future, where I will give away some miniatures to the people whom help me find bugs.


  1. Hello sir!

    I am using win7 and IE 8. I can't see any information in the dropdown boxes for creating a new army aside from the "system" box. All the others are blank.

    I was able to log into my account and load up an old army and play around with that. But can't create a new one from scratch.


  2. The "Siege: the big guns" Tier List is still not calculating Tier benefits.

    The program is still not auto checking for Tier lists after you select a warcaster.

    Login is fixed though.

  3. When using the pButcher tier army "Heart of Darkness" the 1 point discount on ShockTroopers doesn't work....

  4. Ok, so my old saved lists are back,but i cannot make new lists, having the same problems 45caliberidea is having :/

  5. A number of the tier list benefits aren't calculating. The models are discounted (9pt Stormclads with eStryker, for example) but aren't discounted in the running total for the list (e.g. above counts at 10pts for the grand list total).

  6. Trollbloods and Skorne are reversed in the Collection Manager.

  7. i cant even get the collection manager to work at all, much less find reversed factions

  8. Seconded the "tiers discount isn't working".

  9. same problem as 45caliberidea

    I can select the system, but nothing populates the other dropdown menus.

    The java error is as follows:

    newsystem.armies.length is null or not an object

    Hope that helps - I look forward to using forwardkommander again, as it really is an incredibly useful tool.


  10. Everything seems to be working fine except that after I delete a list and then come back later, the list has returned. Its not major just a minor annoyance

  11. I use Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 5.1; U; ru) Presto/2.8.131 Version/11.10

    I can't login to my profile to load my army rosters

  12. I'm having a few problems.

    As others have mentioned, its currently impossible to delete lists.

    This brings us to the second problem, which is that pre-existing lists now all come up as a tier list, which means if you go to tweak an old list, you can't. Hence I'd like to delete them all.

  13. The collection manager is showing I got 64 skorne even though it's Trollbloods I've added.

    (I believe it's the sum in the left side which is displayed in the wrong row)

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